Estimated time: 15 min. This course introduces you to a news template that will enable you to analyse media reports according to the principles of ethical journalism. It is produced thanks to AFP.

Estimated time: 20 min. This course examines the editorial challenges involved in balancing such principles as accuracy, impartiality and humanity. It is produced thanks to the Financial Times.

Estimated time: 35 min. This course underlines the importance of context in providing balanced, impartial coverage. It also looks at the particular difficulties involved in using children as reporters and sources. It is produced thanks to BBC Radio 4.
Estimated time: 15 min. The news report analysed here illustrates some of the ethical dilemmas faced by reporters and editors such as deciding when conceal a person’s identity and when a journalist should down tools to help save someone’s life. It is produced thanks to France Télévisions and Insititut National Audiovisuel.
Estimated time: 25 min. This course focuses on the first principle of ethical journalism, accuracy, and emphasises its particular importance when covering stories that generate strong emotional responses. The course also examines the ethical journalist’s duty in dealing with disinformation. It is produced thanks to Le Monde. This logo and the accompanying content are reproduced with kind permission of Le Monde
Estimated time: 12 min. This course shows the importance for a journalist of understanding the legal background to a story and looks at the expanded scope of human rights law. It is produced thanks to The Guardian.
Estimated time: 15 min. This course demonstrates the impact the media can sometimes have on public opinion and the responsibility a journalist has to carefully consider the potential consequences of publishing a story. It is produced thanks to The Guardian.
Estimated time: 30 min. The radio report analysed here shows how to tackle very complex stories by avoiding stereotypes and simplistic explanations and by allowing different kinds of people to speak for themselves. It is produced thanks RFI.